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Q and A with Visualizer: Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas Hello everyone! Welcome again to our next episode of Questions and Answers time with some of the excellent visualizers nowadays. Our next Featured artist in this Q and A is Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas. One of our budding tutorial writer, designer and visualizer. Jonathan has written one of the famous "the Making" HERE. Recently, he also contributed one of out Mini-the Making Series. You can view this MTM HERE.
Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Jonathan not just with this interview but the valuable contributions he made not just with this but the whole SketchUp community. Mabuhay ka Jonathan.

Monday, August 22, 2011


This model of Ms-house is from ronen-bekerman.

Here's the model download LINK

AutoCAD 2011 User’s Guide

Here's the PDF download LINK

Google Sketchup Manual

Here's the Google Sketchup version 7 MANUAL

V-ray for Sketchup Manual

Download link HERE

Sunday, August 14, 2011

HEADLINES: SketchUp Lonodon Daily published my Tuturial

Thanks SketchUp Lonodon Daily for publishing my tutorial :)

Featured Artist: Rafael David Nucum Marpuri

"Futuristic Design" This 3D Artist can create impossible to possible designs. I like his approach to Modern Architecture. A special thanks to Rafael for allowing me to interview him.
 Let us here more to Rafael in this interview. 

Please tell us something about you're self. 
I am from the city of Tarlac. I do Architectural Visualization, 3d modeling (Sketchup, Swift 3d), CAD, Graphic Designer (using Photoshop, etc...), Scale modeling, Painting, and Animation (flash, Swishmax, etc…). 

How do you work with sketchup and how it helps you in your visualization?
I never focus my works at the present, I always visualizing things form the past to the future. I innovated and viewed my works concerning all the timelines. I never give up easily, I always “keep moving forward” till I can…

Who or what inspires you in your visualization?
Places I went to, things I saw, news I heard, questions that I have, people I met, my enemies, my friends, my family, Ms. Princess vergara and God inspires me in my visualizations. They don’t just help me on my visualization but also help me and made me for what I am now. They are my foundations.

What is your workflow with sketchup?
My regular working process is  AutoCad+SKetchup+Vray+photoshop, after planning or sketching on what it will look, I use Sketchup to model may work. Sketchup helps me to easily visualize my work to what I wanted it to be.

What advise you can give to other sketchup users?
My advice to other sketchup users out there is not give up “KEEP MOVING FORWARD”, positive thinking, don’t settle to the things you know, keep study things, don’t be selfish, share your experiences and talent to others.

Thank you very much Rafael David Nucum Marpuri! 

Here are some of the work of Rafael David Nucum Marpuri. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My CGPinoy Profile

Customize SuV-Car

Here is another master piece model of Rafael David Nucum Marpuri. This time Rafael share me his model of this wonderful custom car.Again, modeled ithout any plugins, just standard tools in sketchup. 

Here is the sample model and render 

Download Rafael's Customize SuV-Chopper model HERE

Customize SuV-Chopper

Creative modeling of a 'Chopper' with standard toolbars in sketchup?? Sounds weird isn't , but my friend Rafael David Nucum Marpuri can execute modeling without any plugins in sketchup. Rafael's talent is not ended with modeling, he is also god in rendering using Vray for sketchup.

Here is the sample model and render 

Download Rafael's Customize SuV-Chopper model HERE

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Old Podium Renders (INTERIOR)

Compilation of my Primitive Rendered works using PODIUM.Way back 2009 :) 

Digital Tunnel SM Tarlac 

Proposed rooms in Baguio 

My Old Kerkythea Renders

My compilation of my KERKYTHEA renders way back early 2009. First year of exploring Sketchup  :)

My Old Podium Renders (EXTERIOR)

Compilation of my Primitive Rendered works using PODIUM.Way back 2009 :) 

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