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Q and A with Visualizer: Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas Hello everyone! Welcome again to our next episode of Questions and Answers time with some of the excellent visualizers nowadays. Our next Featured artist in this Q and A is Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas. One of our budding tutorial writer, designer and visualizer. Jonathan has written one of the famous "the Making" HERE. Recently, he also contributed one of out Mini-the Making Series. You can view this MTM HERE.
Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Jonathan not just with this interview but the valuable contributions he made not just with this but the whole SketchUp community. Mabuhay ka Jonathan.


Here's the Download Page of Fotosketcher . Click HERE


This model of Ms-house is from ronen-bekerman
Here's the download LINK

AutoCAD 11 user's guide

Here's the download AutoCAD 11 user's guide LINK

Google Sketchup version 7 Manual

Here's the download LINK

V-ray for Sketchup Manual

This manual is very useful for newbies.I hope it will help.  Happy rendering. Here's the download LINK

GH house skp. model

Here's the download LINK

My sky background compilation

Here's the download LINK





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