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Q and A with Visualizer: Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas Hello everyone! Welcome again to our next episode of Questions and Answers time with some of the excellent visualizers nowadays. Our next Featured artist in this Q and A is Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas. One of our budding tutorial writer, designer and visualizer. Jonathan has written one of the famous "the Making" HERE. Recently, he also contributed one of out Mini-the Making Series. You can view this MTM HERE.
Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Jonathan not just with this interview but the valuable contributions he made not just with this but the whole SketchUp community. Mabuhay ka Jonathan.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Water color style

This first image shows finished sketchup model  with texture, background and shadows on.
I turned off the profile, and display edge under the Style Tab.
After the second step, the scene is now ready to be exported. Just follow what you see in this image.
Here is the Exported image from sketchup , as you can see the image has background, texture, and shadow, without lines.Later, we will open this image in Fotosketcher for the water color effect.
Again, go to Style tab and change the default style to Hidden line face style with white background.
I turn off the profile and just leave the display edge checked. just to make the lines thinner. 
This scene is ready to be export again.

Here is the exported image with Hidden line face style with white background.
Now, we open the first exported image in fotosketcher. i change the style of the image into watercolor effect.
Here is the result after applying the water color effect in Fotosketcher.  We will open this image now in Photoshop.
I also open the second exported images which is the Hidden line face style with white background.
I want only the lines in this image so we need to clear the with areas.
By using the Color Range, we can pick the areas we want to be delete. Just use the droper and pick the white areas to leave the lines and the shaded parts.
Here is the result of using the Color Range. just hit delete on your keyboard.
Now, after hitting delete key, go to select tab and deselect the color range area.
As you can see, only the lines and the shaded part are left after using color range. We will merge this image in the next step.
This is the combined layer of Lines with shaded area, and the water effect image.
Click the upper layer which is the Lines with shaded area and change the layer style into Multiply , were doing this the leave only the lines and to make the shaded area merge in the bottom layer. you can lower the opacity of the layer from 100-80 just to make the lines more thinner and finer to achieve the water color with lines effect.
And finally, here is the Final result of this tutorial. thanks for reading. hope it will be an additional knowledge or technique in presenting your drawings :) 

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