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Q and A with Visualizer: Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas Hello everyone! Welcome again to our next episode of Questions and Answers time with some of the excellent visualizers nowadays. Our next Featured artist in this Q and A is Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas. One of our budding tutorial writer, designer and visualizer. Jonathan has written one of the famous "the Making" HERE. Recently, he also contributed one of out Mini-the Making Series. You can view this MTM HERE.
Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Jonathan not just with this interview but the valuable contributions he made not just with this but the whole SketchUp community. Mabuhay ka Jonathan.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


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Founded 2011
Location 1021 1st st. Fairlane Subdivision San Vicente Tarlac City, 2300 Tarlac, Philippines

About About Us
We see and regard every design problem as an OPPORTUNITY – an opportunity to        create, serve, and take part in enriching a person’s life. This is our philosophy. Our exposure and experiences in the fields of architecture and arts are reinforced by our sheer enthusiasm and dedication in these domains. Everyone in our team remains closely involved in turning each and every opportunity into both tangible and non-tangible creations. To achieve the highest standards in the end, we at Maestro de Obras Co. do take these opportunities seriously. 

Clients are diverse and so are their needs and wants. To gain and understand the full potential of each project, we put such ‘diversity’ and put it to our advantage. With this in mind, we at Maestro de Obras Co are here to DeFEAT your design problems. 

Design Flexibility
Design flexibility is an ally. We produce results that correspond to the needs and wants of each client. We also understand the people modify their behavior in respond to change. This therefore prohibits us from doing away with cookie-cutter designs and allows us to use the appropriate design technology .This is also our tool in creating a clear balance between aesthetic and utility.

Sustainability is always a priority and will remain non-negotiable for us at Maestro de Obras Co. We strive to achieve energy and material efficiency in our designs/projects. We aim to infuse elements so as to enhance the indoor environmental quality of any given project.

We keep our clients involved in each project. In any project undertaking we believe that results can be maximized through collaborative approach. Building customer relation is of prime importance and we always aim to make each client très satisfait!

We view ‘time’ in terms of two different yet equally important aspects –of project delivery and of theme. Both are considered essential in completing a project. Should a client wish to adapt the style from a particular era, we shall then exert conscious effort to achieve such target. 


The Maestro de Obras Co. is more than just a ‘Design and/or Build’ firm. It is established to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ experience for its clientele. Its wide range of services enables the team to work on every aspect of the needs and desires of the clients.
Email office.maestro@gmail.com

Our Company P O R T F O L I O

more to come . . . . . . . . . . . .

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