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Q and A with Visualizer: Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas Hello everyone! Welcome again to our next episode of Questions and Answers time with some of the excellent visualizers nowadays. Our next Featured artist in this Q and A is Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas. One of our budding tutorial writer, designer and visualizer. Jonathan has written one of the famous "the Making" HERE. Recently, he also contributed one of out Mini-the Making Series. You can view this MTM HERE.
Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Jonathan not just with this interview but the valuable contributions he made not just with this but the whole SketchUp community. Mabuhay ka Jonathan.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A look into Philippine Architecture's Glorious Past

Jai Alai Building
The Manila Jai Alai Building was a building designed by American architect Welton Becket[1] that functioned as a building for which jai alai games were held. Built to the Streamline Moderne style, the building was completed in 1940 and survived the Battle of Manila, only to be demolished on 2000 upon the orders of the Mayor of Manila Lito Atienza amidst protests, to make way for the Manila Hall of Justice, which was never built.

 Aduana Building
The Aduana building was originally the Customs House, designed in the neo-classical style and was constructed in the 1820s. The Aduana was damaged in the 1863 earthquake and was rebuilt in 1876. The Aduana later became the Central Bank of Philippines.

In this building, the Spaniards administered the whole Philippine Archipelago, and after the separation of the colony from the Viceroyalty of Mexico, also became the central government building of Las Indias Orientales Espanolas (Spanish East Indies).


  1. Anong update ng reconstruction of Ayuntamiento de Manila? Is it done na?

  2. Angganda ng office namin hehe !! Ayuntamiento, Bureau of the Treasury

  3. Thanks for letting us know about the glorious past of Philippine architecture. Philippine architects should continue what the former have done. Keep doing great!






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